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Horse riding tourism

For the horse lovers, Prisma farmhouse gives the possibility to go for walks across paths traced by farmers over the years, that are still nowadays used to carry their baskets from the meadows to the barnyards of the villages in the neibourhoods.

The Mount Regina valley is an ideal location for horse riding thanks to the beauty of the landscapes.

The tracks through the woods are really enchanting and relaxing, so close to nature, followed by the lovely sounds of birds singing and horse pawing the ground.

Prisma farm has been breeding English pure bred horses for 20 years. These are horses that have run in all Italian hippodromes, winning several awards.

This passion has given birth to the idea of the horse riding tourism, that consists of a preparatory step for beginners followed by the possibility of going for walks accompanied by experts horse riders.

A comfortable outfit and shoes are strongly recommended and you’re off riding!

Walk by horseWalk by horse
Walk by horseWalk by horse

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Horse riding activity is open only on Saturday and Sunday and holiday days.

Prices for the use of horses:

25 euros for 50 min.



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